Oahu Portable Toilets and Hand Wash Station Rentals

4K Sanitation is a locally owned Portable toilet and handwashing station company serving the people on Oahu. Our products are clean, well maintained, and we have the best prices here on the Island!

Whether you are in charge of a construction project, a large social event or just planning a family camping trip, we are your source for renting portable toilets and hand washing stations.

4k Sanitation is clean, reliable, and offer the best prices here on Oahu!


Our unrivaled quality rental service can be hired at an unmatched rental cost. We have a consultative approach with our customers. We have clients from the construction industry, event planning industry and many others.

We have been successful with offering the following services for outdoor events, beach parties, gatherings, concerts, camping trips, and all other functions and projects.

  • Portable Toilet Rental
  • Mobile Restroom Trailer Rental
  • Portable Hand Washing Station Rental

Portable Toilet Rental:

Weather-resistant material manufactured, self-contained, enclosed cabin with only one toilet and toilet paper roll. The cabin door locks from the inside and carries full privacy.

Mobile Restroom Rental:

Tough material and easy transportable trailer with single portable toilet sitting on top. Customization can be done by adding a hand washing station outside.

Portable Hand Washing Station Rental:

Self contained sanitation product equipped with separate wastage and water holding tanks. Sinks can be hired in capacity for all requirements. Single, double and multiple taps equipped types are available.